The Hidden Genius


From the Ignition

Nikola Tesla, from his birth to his death, was fascinated by electricity and the power behind the science of engineering. His interest would lead him to one of his most fateful discisions. 


To the dim Light

After the young Tesla moved to America, he came to Edison and worked for the Wizard of Melno Park. They worked on many electric power motors, but at last left because of their idea conflicts. 


And the volts go on

Continuing on his own, Tesla founded his own company and worked with backers and funders to prodce his famed inventions and ideas. 


With Rivaling Thunder

Edison and Tesla have been rivals since their parting. But things turn extreme when they perform acts against each other. The fates of the inventors would be contrasted, and so would their ideaology, in the Battle of the Currents.


And to the final spark

Nikola Tesla has burned out his electricty. He creates a lasting impact on scientists and engineers as he nears his time. Find out how his passing compared to his rivals. 


With the Lasting Light

Tesla's Findings are used in many ways to benefit the people around the world in the Twentieth Century. How did a forgotten inventor have such a great impact? The power of AC affects all


A Growing Glimmer

Today, many scientists and engineers are using Tesla's methods. His company, Tesla Motors, is also flourishing. The legacy lives today


To A Great Power of the Future

And who knows of what the future can bring us? Scientists and engineers are using Tesla's methods and thinking of the impacts the great geek of geeks made. 

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